Tim is an established artist and sculptor working from his studio in northern Tasmania. In Tim’s latest designs he has re-interpreted the classic Milking Stool, achieving a product that simultaneously has soft organic curves with clean, crisp lines and a beautiful lustre.

The stools are versatile and can be used as seats or small tables. The range includes the ‘Big Moo’ for adults and the ‘Little Moo’ for children as well as the ‘Udder’ stool, a more playful design inspired by the udder of cows. These beautifully handmade stools will sit stylishly in any contemporary space.

Tim uses solid quarter sawn timber in all the legs and tops, for strength and stability. If the figure in the timber is exceptional he will occasionally use a backsawn timber in the tops. Each stool is branded and individually numbered.

All timbers used are sourced in Tasmania. Since the Regional Forest Agreement, Tasmanian timbers are becoming increasingly difficult to source as the supply dries up. So he has widened the timber spectrum to include what are known as First Settler Timbers. Trees that were planted by the first European settlers in Tasmania. Some of these trees are over 200yrs old and many are being removed due to their age. They include  English Elm, English Ash and Macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress)

Future options will include the use of Tasmanian Eucalyptus Species (Tas oak) as they can be more sustainably harvested. Also small tables in the style of the stools are in the pipeline.